Inside the Japanese Tunnel of Davao City

One of the places I have been wanting to visit every time we passed by Ma-a Road or Diversion Road. The curiosity of seeing what is inside this Japanese themed compound have.

 I called it themed because I honestly did not know that it is a hotel and restaurant, until I was searching for my U.P friends itinerary on their 2-days Mindanao adventure.
Jeny, Shannah & Me (UP Buddies)
Japanese Tunnel is located along Ma-a Road, there is a minimal fee of P50.00 per person, inclusive of a tour guide inside the tunnel. The tunnel was used by the Japanese soldiers during WWII.

at the Entrance
Hmm, planning their attack.....we're listening
Water drips inside the tunnel
A statue where the soldiers pray
Inside are life size models of Japanese soldiers placed along the whole length of the tunnel.
The Commander of the Japanese
Water drips inside the tunnel
Where they put their prisoners
It's a first time of my U.P buddies here in my Mindanao and I vow to give them the best of Mindanao.
To more Mai Wanders!

Travel Date: July 27,2011