Foodie Finds: Chinese Ngohiong

Cebu City is now my newest getaway, since my sister went to Cebu City to study, it has been a stopover in our travels.
Last summer I went to Cebu City to volunteer for a Mission Exposure in Camotes Island, and my wanderlust did find a way to get a little exploring in the Queen City of the South. 
Chinese Ngohiong is a lumpia for me. I did not taste any strange or unique flavor on it, when I had my first bite, it's lumpia, except that it's wrap is crunchier than that of our lumpia.
Curiosity got me looking for Chinese Ngohiong
Here in Cebu it got a hefty followers, when we got to a Ngohiong stall, the was full and you can see office people and students eating Ngohiong with "puso," a rice cooked in a coconut leaves, it is a to go rice.

Taking my first bite of Chinese Ngohiong
Since I am not fond of "puso," I had my Chinese Ngohiong, Stuffed Crabs and Softdrink. All in all I just paid Php 56.00, that's dinner for me and sissy.

Chinese Ngohiong and Stuffed Crab
BURP (I only had 1 Ngohiong)
Tasting Chinese Ngohiong is fun for me, because I get to walked around the back streets of Cebu City. You can find the Chinese Ngohiong stall that we went to is in Junquera Extension near Regal Pension.
Chinese Ngohiong Found and Tasted!!!
Travel Date: May 14, 2011