Afraid of the Dragon?

 For real? Yes, a dragon in the Dragon's Den at Davao Crocodile Park. Our next stop,from Eden we went straight to Davao Crocodile Park. For weekend guest, entrance fee is less than those during weekends and holidays.
We got curious upon seeing the sign "Entrance- Dragon's Den," whooot? we can enter the Dragon's Den? Is it safe? Well it is maybe, we see people coming out from the den.
And so we did enter the den, where's the Dragon? There......a little creature by the pool, looks like a baby crocodile, and looks so harmless, it's a KOMODO DRAGON.

MR. KOMO here.....and it's his Den
Komodo dragon is the world's heaviest lizard, it can grow to a length of 10 feet. And they prey on invertebrates, birds and mammals. It does not include human, so we're safe inside the den.
But what made us so afraid? See this.......
SHAN........ano na?
Running in circles.....

What made us run in circles?
HIM....the one responsible for the run....
OLDIE TORT is such a cutie to be afraid of.....

Komodo's other Densmate

Nothing to be afraid inside the Dragon's Den, so when you're in Davao Crocodile Park don't miss to drop by, and please do extend our regards to Mr. Komo and Oldie Tort.


TRAVEL DATE: July 26,2011