Getting the Whole Pack in Baguio City for a Day

The trip is is just one of the many family vacations we had, and when I say Family it means my parents, grandma, 3 aunts, my two siblings and 4 cousins. And being the one assigned all the time of doing the itinerary, I do take a lot of consideration of the time, how to get the whole pack around and still stay on time.
In every trip, one important tip is to communicate your itinerary to your driver and have his opinion on it, sometimes they  know the route so well that you can even squeeze in more places to visit.
Another thing is, when travelling with a big group, have a hired vehicle with you, you will have an easier time going from one place to another. Here is our Baguio itinerary, with the help of Kuya Terry, our van driver, left Paranaque around 3:00 A.M.;
1.) Lion's Head
Everyone passing through Kennon Road going to Baguio City will definitely passed by it, so get down do some stretching and restroom break here. Don't forget to take a photo with that big lion's head.
2.) Philippine Military Academy
We get to see this every PMA Graduation.....
It is good to do a little exploring of the Academy, and yes I just love the flowers growing around.
3.) Camp John Hay

We made a quick stop at The Manor and bought some pastries at their shop. Camp John Hay is a former U.S. military rest and recreation facility which is now a world-class complex complete with an 18-hole golf course, a first rate hotel, and recreational facility.
4.) Wright Park

The moment I opened the van's door, I was not so happy with the smell of horse's dung that welcomed me. It is a public park best known for horse-back riding.
5.) The Mansion

A trip to Baguio means having a photo with THE MANSION behind and we did too, there is not much to do here except taking photographs. It is the official residence of the Philippine President in the city.
6.) Mines View Park

the view at Mines View Park
When we got there, the place was so crowded, but we still explored the park. Noticeable     are those big dogs for photo opt; why have your photo taken with them, are they the official residents of the park or do they have a significant contribution in building the park? 
7.) Good Shepherd Convent
Buying coffee at Good Shepherd Convent

The convent is near Mines View Park, a must buy is their "Halayang Ube." It is also a good place to stay away from the crowd to have a good view of Baguio City Valley, it is just the same view you get to see from Mines View Park.
8.) Botanical Garden
Mama loves the place, it got lots of flowers growing around and fresh air I have been expecting. It is also known as Igorot Village, it captures the ethnic spirit of the Igorot Mountain Tribe.
9.) Red Bowl Restaurant

Craving for Chinese cuisine when in the City of Pines, go to Red Bowl, just across Burnham Park. (Got a separate post on this)
10.) Bell Church
A Chinese temple located at the Northern Part of Baguio City, at the boundary between the capital town of La Trinidad, Benguet. Inside are some Buddhist artifacts and intricately designed bells.
11.) Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad

A must experienced to those who want to see & pick real strawberries. And if you want freshly picked vegetables; French beans & lettuce were available during our visit, and the prices are so cheap that you'll love to pick for more.
This is what I call "FRESH"

Buying Local Wines & "Sundot Kulangot" at La Trinidad
12.) Burnham Park

Boating at Burnham
 Baguio's version of New York's Central Park, the city's sprawling central park named after American architect Daniel Burnham who designed the city's master plan. Its centerpiece is man-made lagoon for boating enthusiasts.
13.) Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral is located on top of the hill in the heart of the city, one of the most familiar icon of the city.
14.) Glo's Apartel
Our home away from home, very affordable and homey place. We got a three-storey unit that has a kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and an attic that has 3 beds and foams.
1.) Red Bowl
Our choice for lunch is at Red Bowl Restaurant.
2.) Strawberry Taho
A must try when in Baguio........

3.) Lil' Orbits Mini-Donuts
Located beside Baguio Cathedral, give us a boost of energy after walking from Burnham Park and taking the steps to Baguio Cathedral.

4.) Fresh Produce of Baguio
Dinner were those veggies bought from La Trinidad had; Chopsuey, Stir Fry French Beans, Cucumber & Carrot Salad, for Dessert; Fresh Strawberries & Green Pinipig.

It was indeed a fun filled Baguio experience for only 19-hours, leave Baguio City for Ilocos Sur at 4:00 A.M.

To more travels.......