Foodie Finds: Empanada & Bagnet of Vigan

What excites me most in our Ilocos trip is EMPANADA.....yes supah love empanada and I have always wanted to try the infamous empanada of Ilocos. And the moment we step in Vigan, first thing we looked for is this crispy goodness. 
Here in the City of Vigan, there is a place intended for makers and sellers of empanada, making it as an official snacks of Vigan.

I love watching how the makers flatten  the dough, put the the veggies & fresh eggs, folded and fried it to crispy perfection. 
The preparation.......

Another Ilocos pride is their food treasures is BAGNET....and I myself is curious what Bagnet is? What I have in mind is a vegetables cooked like Pinakbet but I was surprised that it is  a  pork cooked like Lechon Kawali. It made me happy to know it, LOL I won't be eating veggies, after a veggie overload in Baguio, hahaha........

Empanada & Bagnet Found and Tasted.......


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