Yellow Bus Buddies Reunited in an Eight - hours Bus Ride

In the 90's, Yellow Bus Line (YBL) is the only bus company in the Gen.San - Marbel route, that was during my Elementary & High School years. Imagine having only one bus line company serving a route that passes through two towns, and there is not enough bus  units then, it means getting late in the morning for school & going home late in the afternoon.
A friendship was formed because of the said scenario that we have to go through every single day. The YBL Girls; throwing their school bags through the bus windows to reserved a seat or even passing trough the windows to get a seat for three of us, unique way of getting in the bus, try it its FUN. So early on we indeed develop a certain teamwork and camaraderie, a friendship need not commitment but the loyalty that through time and despite distance you know you got a friend, it does not even need talking to each other everyday because that is what I have with my YBL Buddies.
Exactly 10 years after our high school graduation, we again embark on a trip, our first trip together. An 8-hours bus ride to the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City.
Meeting place: Yellow Bus Terminal
Time: 6:00 A.M.
I wake early around 5:00 so that by 6:00 A.M I'm in the terminal, when I got there around 6:15, Juvy is already there in  the waiting area, hehe, she is the most desciplined in the three of us, I come next and of course she came 30 mins late, as always Chytzy, LOL. Then we're off to Tacurong City. 
Meet the YBL Girls (Juvy, Mai & Chytzy)
Here is the start of our 8-hours bus ride, AC Buses are available going to CDO, but you have to check there schedules so as not to waste time in waiting for the next trip. Good thing that we arrived around 7:30 A.M and the next Bachelor AC Bus will leave at 8:00 A.M. We got enough time to go to the restroom and buy bottled water & some junks to eat along the way.
The moment our bus moved, our never ending conversation started also, remembering all those craziness we had. Along the way, we passed through Buluan Maguindanao, made stops in M'lang, Matalam, Kabakan & Carmen Cotabato. Upon entering the Province of Bukidnon we stopped and all passengers were asked to go down and walk through a disinfectant, this is at Brgy. Damulog, Bukidnon. It was already past 12, our bus made another stop, this time for lunch at Old Damulog, I failed to take photos there.
at Damulog, Bukidnon w/ Chikay
After lunch we are back again on the road, we all fall asleep, until we again stop in Valencia City, Bukidnon next stop is Malabalay, Bukidnon. We then enjoy the sights of Bukidnon, beautiful place, green fields and cool climate, I couldn't asked for more, I have to be back. 
Inside the taxi in CDO
Finally, after 8 hours, we are here in CDO, it was raining then, when we got down at the city terminal, it was flooded, we tiptoed getting out of the terminal. But still we were so elated that finally we got here safe.  
waaah so tired after 8 hours of bus ride, nilagang saging for merienda

ang taong pagod.....deadma sa look

More travels YBL Girls........


  1.'s really funny to have your group named after a bus liner

  2. haha, the 3 of us been riding that bus for ten years....


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