Foodie Finds: Tia Nina

Tia Nina is now in a more accessible location, Ace Centerpoint, Koronadal City. What is more interesting at Tia Nina is that they prepare your pizza right before your eyes. Yes, you can see as they prepare the pizza dough and put the toppings in your very own pizza.
dough being prepared....

Well I was quite hungry that time, so I ordered their Tia Nina's Special, it has; ham, cheese, white onions, bell pepper, pepperoni, & beef. Family size or a piece of 8 slices, it is priced for only P375.00. I super like the crispiness of their thin crust...

If your craving for pizza while in Koronadal City, Tia Nina can be an answer to your cravings. 

Tia Nina Found & Tasted!