Foodie Finds: Big Ben

High school is so long time ago, but those young souls never changed. True friendship lasts, and no amount of time can change it, that is exactly what I have with these two wonderful people I am meeting after work. Juvy & Rocelyn are two of the closest friends I have way back in high school; Juvy is one of my Yellow Bus buddies & Rocelyn is my Precious Hearts Romance partner, LOL to those moments.
I admit that having a catch -up moments is quite difficult to make because of our schedules, luck is indeed at our side that we get to have our free time together. Since Juvy is meeting a friend earlier that night. It was only Rocelyn and me is having a dinner at Big Ben's Steak and Grill, Robinson's Al Fresco, General Santos City.
So appetizing....salad w/ mango sauce

After a great meal, we meet with Juvy over coffee at Coffee Club 101 at Robinson's Al Fresco.
Big Ben Found & Tasted!