Something is Not Right at Wright Park

Typical of any Baguio trip is a photo of one riding a horse, and one can experience it at Wright Park. I love our country & I travel simply because I am proud of the beauty it can offer. I learn a lot of wonderful things about our culture and my being Pinay. But sometimes we have to be honest that not everything we do is right and good enough for our country.

I have come up with a few observations at Wright Park, hope in a way we can improve it to make, It is more Fun in the Philippines, true.
1.)    I Can Smell It!
The moment I opened the vehicle’s door, I smell it right away, horses’ dung! Remember, first impressions last, it is not enough that people visits us because it is in the guide books. We have to live up to the expectation, that the park is not just a destination, it is an experience. Hopefully in the future we can again smell the pines of Wright Park.

2.)    Cactus in Full Bloom?
I started growing cactus in high school, but never did I saw it in full bloom like here at Wright Park. Hmmm, I smell something fishy, we went around their shops and we found it! Well I would like to remind you guys, It is More Fun to be Honest in our Trade.

3.)    Natural is Beautiful
I feel like I was inside those fairytale books that Mama used to read before my bedtime, I see horses in pink, blue, and yellow, green and to your choosing. But why I am not happy? Because it is soooo fake! I did not take any photo with the horses, so sad that they have to go through all those dyeing process, for what?

4.)    Jollibee Endorsing Wright
If celebrities endorse Jollibee, here it’s Jollibee at Wright Park. No comment.

My experience at Wright Park is my own, but it was worth experiencing. In traveling, one must be open to new experiences, and this made me think that making our tourist spots, too much commercialization is not so good.


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  2. Di kami nagtagal dito... kasi iba talaga ang amoy... pati sa Botanical Garden, parang hindi na garden at me amoy na din ... according sa Tour Guide namin napabayaan na daw hindi daw tulad noong panahon ni Marcos

  3. kaya nga, nakakapanghinayang talaga ang lugar....I hope makita nila ito, para magawa talaga na Its more fun in the Philippines.same sentiments pala tayo...


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