A Smile in Botanical Garden Makes a Difference

In every trip I make sure that I get to see most of the points of interest in my list, on our` way to the city center to have lunch, we passed by the Botanical Garden. And I have to see it, it was a quick stop but I was able to have a conversation with a tour guide from Baguio who recommends to me to have lunch at Rose Bowl. Hehe, why I've written about it first, because she was the first one I notice when I entered the Botanical Garden, a woman with a big smile in white tunic & white pants, who wouldn’t notice the friendliness she exudes. This makes “It is more fun in the Philippines,” I didn’t hired her to be our tour guide but she recommends to me places to see in Baguio. It is our character that makes it more fun in our country!

Builders of Baguio Monument

That’s quite long, Botanical Garden is also known as the Igorot Village. It captures the ethnic spirit of the Igorot Mountain tribe. The park also showcases the city’s rich flora & fauna, and serves as a site of cultural activities. The “Builders of Baguio” monument stands her to commemorate the city’s founding in 1908.
D' Group

I felt like I was in my Lola’s Garden, with those dahlias, pink & yellow flowers I don’t know, the mini sunflower that usually grows around back home. What makes this stop more memorable? The personality I met in this stop, if we get to be more loving & friendly, we can all make traveling more fun to us and to others.