Foodie Finds: Blugre General Santos City & Blugre Davao City

I admit I am an Addict! Wooh, I have this addiction after college. It keeps me active & gives a different kind of pleasure. I am a COFFEE ADDICT, as I was rummaging through the things that I got from my trips, I have a number of coffee grounds from different places. I’ll blog about it soon.

Talking about my addiction, I soooooooo love coffee that just smelling its aroma intensifies my cravings. And fitting enough, I’ll be having Blugre Gen.San & Davao for my Foodie Finds. Blugre at Robinsons Place General Santos is my go to place for coffee and me time, hahaha, it is as if I am too busy to need a Me time. Well the place is strategic, a place to rest my footsies after hours of shopping or window shopping more appropriately, hehehehe. Most of the time I have my Cappuccino (tall) for P90.00 and Penne Pasta in Cream Sauce, that satisfies my addiction.
Blugre Gen.San. Interiors

During my UP friends visit, I brought Shannah & Jen to Blugre at Pryce Plaza Davao. Here we got to taste the infamous Durian Coffee or Durian Grappoccino. Blugre’s interior gives a very homey feel, where you can have alone moments or a sense of privacy whoever you are with.

I say, “ Blugre Found & Tasted!” 


  1. i'm a coffee addict, too! and i want to have that mug... is that being sold?

  2. in their davao branch they sell blugre stuff......and pagpumunta ka try mo na ang Durian Coffee


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