Festivals:Panaadan Festival

Panaad is a Hiligaynon term for glorifying. It’s the 52nd  Barangay Foundation Anniversary & 2nd Panaadan Festival of Barangay Crossing Rubber, Tupi, South Cotabato.
I find it fitting enough to start this year with a festival in my own hometown. Majority of the pioneer families in our barangay were from Aklan & Iloilo, home to Ati-Atihan & Dinagyang.

Panaadan is a way of remembering our forefathers’ hometown together with veneration to the Sto. Nino. It is celebrated every 26th day of January, during this time every family open their homes to visitors, a festive preparation awaits. The highlight of the festival is the annual ati-atihan competition. This year there are three contenders; Tribu Matyab, Tribu Lunen & Tribu Baquial and one tribe for exhibition from Barangay Polunoling.
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Our family in particular made it a point to plan, who goes to Lola’s house or ours, because of the number of visitors coming. It becomes our thanksgiving to bountiful blessings that our family have. I remember my Lolo Pedro used to cut woods & clean big “kawa” weeks before the fiesta. And to this very day, this tradition lives to every member our family, knowing lolo is smiling up there, seeing us made the same preparation.

Inviting you to our next Panaadan Festival, you got the date!