EAT, PRAY, LOVE Series: Davao City in Search of Pleasure through Food

Woooooooooh! I mean it, I want to get out of it and I’m leaving! Hahaha, the drama running through my mind that time. All I wanted is to go somewhere, find something that will ease what I am feeling at the moment. 

It was late afternoon when my sister & I left for Davao City, it was a four hours bus ride from home, but I was decided and I am doing it. For the first time I had the courage to take the trip. 

We arrived in Davao City past 8 in the evening, with an empty stomach. The most pleasurable thing to do is to look for a place to eat, to satisfy my craving of succulent grilled chicken that I tasted in Davao before. Penong’s BBQ chicken is one of the best, so me and my sister opted to have BBQ chicken with rice, the quickest we can have at that time to satisfy our hunger.
late dinner at Penongs

After dinner, time to find a place to stay for the night, choose to transient for a night in my high school friend’s dorm. We freshened up, and decided to take a night walk by the Statue of David at the Seawall. Here we enjoy Davao City’s street foods. We had “kwek-kwek,” a hard boiled egg coated with flour and fried and Buko juice. Hahaha believe me, it was a perfect combination. It was almost midnight when we decided to rest on night. 
by David at the Seawall

Yummy "kwek-kwek" & buko juice

Breakfast the following day is at Dimsums Diner, a quaint Chinese restaurant along Guerero Street that offers good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for me, and at Dimsums, I have coffee and tocino, egg & rice combo while sissy had tocino, Chinese sausage & rice combo. 
Breakfast at Dimsums Diner

Full & ready to start the day, we decided to take a walk around Davao’s Chinatown, here we started looking for the Chinese restaurant famous for their siopao. Unfortunately we found the place but their siopao will be available around 10 A.M., early birds we are and we didn’t get to catch that infamous siopao of Davao Famous Restaurant.
Walking around Davao Chinatown

Got to try their siopao next time

Tired from walking around this early, we decided to check in at Ponce Suites The Unconventional Center at Corners Road 3 & 4, Dona Vicenta Village Phase 2, Bajada, Davao City. While waiting for our cousin Maya, we took a nap and for the first time it dwells on me that I forget about the pain for the first time. I used the word forget because I now realized how powerful our mind is, when you choose to forget then you will  forget.

Maya arrived and it’s time for lunch, Dencio’s Hilltop is the choice. From here we can see downtown Davao City. We had; Mandaragat soup - it’s a creamy soup with seafoods, Pork skewers – pork wrapped around bacon & some spices and Binagoongan Rice - fried rice in bagoong top with scramble eggs. Wow it was indeed a feast for the three of us.
Lunch at Dencio's

Stomach full, we are again ready for an extreme excitement, yes! We tried the fastest zip in Davao City, The Excelerator. From the Excelator we choose to burn some of the calories stored, by walking towards GAP Farm also along Ma-a Road. Took a few photos and we are back at Ponce Suites.

Walking along Maa Road

Siesta time it is when you are in Spain, but here we had our caffeine fix at Kublai Kafe. I ordered cappuccino together with sissy, while Maya had Vanilla Stawberry Shake. Tired form all the walking we had, we took a nap and later waked-up feeling hungry again. Hahaha that’s the foodie life, always searching, always craving.

Freshened up, we then take a lot of walking again in the dark corners going to Torres Street, the night & food hub of Davao City. The hardest part of being passionate with food is choosing what to eat. We had reached the last resto along Torres without a place to eat. We decide to take a taxi cab to Damusa, another food hub in Davao City. 

Yellow Cab is the answer to our hungry tummies, and the first thing we saw upon entering Damusa. We had; Charlie Chan – a noodle with peanuts and a sweet and hot chili taste, Potato Halves - whole potato halves, baked with a crisp and Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Calzone – folded pizza with a cheesy filling of mushroom & cheese, for drinks we had bottled Peach Sola.

After dinner, it calls for a dessert at Ice Giants also at Damusa. They do stand by their name; they have everything in giant serving. With that, we shared over Mango Sundae and Peach & Blueberry Parfait. It was indeed a day for us.

Left Davao City very early the next day, before taking another 4 hours bus ride home, we had our morning coffee at Mister Donuts near Ecoland Bus Terminal.

This is truly a pleasurable gastronomic adventure for me. Remember the saying; “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,”? For me, the best way to start healing a broken heart is to pleasure oneself with the things that you love. Luckily I know what I want, to travel & eat. Way to go, but I started it.