WITHIN 24 Hours: Digos City & General Santos City

“A lawyer shall at all times uphold the integrity & dignity of the legal profession and support the Integrated Bar.” Canon 7, Chapter II, Code of Professional Responsibility

I came across this the moment I opened my Code of Professional Responsibly for Lawyers, woooh, it was a reminder worth pondering. When I attended my friend’s wedding, Atty. Rona Beceira to 2Lt. Romel Cristobal, last November 7, 2011, one of her Ninangs, also a lawyer, gave her advice to the couple, to remain faithful to each other. But what caught my attention is her saying that; “you know when lawyers fall in love, they are the most stupid person.”

Sometimes when we are in love we tend to forget what is moral. A student aspiring to be a lawyer must at the early period study and observe the duties and responsibilities of a lawyer. And kudos to my dear friend Rona that up to the time she made it to the Roll of Attorneys and to the time she signs her marriage contract she lives up to the said responsibility.
Mr & Mrs. Romel Cristobal

Ping, Anna & Me reunited for Rona's Wedding

Be mindful of our action, because not everything that makes us happy can be the right thing. As one, I am reminded of the great responsibility, especially in these times, that we live in a morally challenged society.
Catch-up Dinner for Me, Jarold, Anna & Ping at Coco's General Santos City
Jarold, Anna, Ping & Me

It was a day full of excitement; I attended my friend's wedding, bonded with my law school friends and ended the day with my friend's bridal shower. But more than that, I saw that true love waits and that it exists, as shown I the lives of my two friends.
The Reception
My friends bridal shower

My 24 hours was indeed filled with memories and lessons that will forever be etched in my life......