UP Buddies Travel Diary: Guimaras Part II

Two years after we bid our goodbyes and take our own separate journey in life, I am back in Iloilo City for my sister’s graduation. Being back means seeing my U.P buddies again, this time we’re back in our favorite getaway Guimaras Island.
Armed with a map from Guimaras Tourist booth, without any planned itinerary, we are off to take our adventure.
First Stop: Daliran Cave

We have to walk about 20 meters to get to the cave, it’s not what I expected it to be. There’s a lot of vandalism inside the cave, maybe because there is not a single in-charge in the area that regulates the people going inside the cave.
Second Stop: Villa La Chesca

Our second stop, looks like we are just visiting a friend’s house. The only activity one can do at Villa La Chesca is swimming and some relaxing time at the patio.
Third Stop: Balaang Bukid

Every time I arrive in Iloilo City via Super Ferry, once I get a glimpse of the big, white cross a top the hill, I know I have arrived in Iloilo City. Finally I will be climbing it and get a closer look at the cross.
Fourth Stop: Makopo Falls

As indicated in the map, our possible next stop would be Makopo Falls, since it’s closer to our target destination for this trip Trappistine Monastery.
Makopo is a Hiligayanon term “to hug,” well seeing how the water falls so close to the cliff it is indeed makopo or trying to hug the sides of the cliff. 
Fifth Stop: Trappistine Monastery

Guimaras is known as the source of the sweetest mango in the country and here at Trappistine their mango orchard provides for all their mango delicacies, from jams to baked goodies. The most important thing I love about the place is the serenity it brings, as we silently sit amongst its pine trees.
That’s our Guimaras getaway, till our next visit.