LET GO & LETS GO to South Cotabato's Summer Capital: Lake Sebu

Known as the Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao, Lake Sebu is one of the ten municipalities in the Province of South Cotabato. It is a lake town;Lake Seloton, Lake Lahit and Lake Sebu can be found, situated about 300 feet above sea level.

My family often goes here every time we have family friends visiting, but we never did explore this lake town deeply. And now being in the process of letting go, the best place to let go of all the negativity within me is to explore Lake Sebu. This time I was with my cousin Maya.

From my hometown, we took a van going to Koronadal City, which cost P20.00, and then I took an AC Bus (YBL) to Surallah which cost P27.00. Surallah is the jump off point to Lake Sebu, here you can take either the jeepney or van, depending what is in-line the moment you arrive at the terminal, but if you want to be adventurous you can take a “habal-habal”. A van or jeepney cost P35.00, “habal-habal” depends on your negotiating skills with the driver.
Me & Maya inside the van going to Lake Sebu

Since we left home after lunch, we arrived in Lake Sebu around 2:00 P.M, we dropped by the Municipal Tourism Office to get map, I was able to get one but it was not updated since there are new resorts in the area. We went to the Municipal Plaza and the Parish Church, which was being constructed at the time of our visit, it is on top of the hill by the highway, where you can see the whole of Lake Sebu, the lake not the town.
Municipal Ground of Lake Sebu
View from the Parish Church

From there, we went to Punta Isla, in my younger years, when one speaks of Lake Sebu, Punta Isla Lake Resort comes to mind, and for the fact that it was the first ever resort in Lake Sebu. Accommodation in the resort is reasonable; we had a standard room, good for two, with toilet and bath, and a terrace overlooking the lake, which cost P700.00 per night. I would say it’s a good deal.
A welcome sight at Punta Isla Lake Resort

Before we start exploring, I have to have my afternoon coffee first. Punta Isla Resort is known for their tilapia menu, name any tilapia recipes and they have it. I ordered native coffee, to give energy for the walking we will be taking.

Taking my booze.......

Dora the explorer, here we go, The T’boli Museum. Majority of the indigenous people in Lake Sebu are T’bolis, here there are no standard entrance fee, and you just have to give you donation to the family in-charge in the museum. On display are their indigenous musical instruments, ornaments, armaments, utensils and even plates with Chinese design on it, which shows that Lake Sebu and the T’bolis, in the early days they have contacst or relations with Chinese traders.

Need I say where I am.....
Plates and other ornaments

Mountain Log Resort, the direction says its 15 meters ahead, hmm so near, then lets walk, wooooh it seems, we had four 15 meters already and still no Mountain Log Resort. More walk then, until we see the Mountain Log Resort entrance finally. 
The walk, near yet so far........

The resort is not as touristy as Punta Isla Resort, maybe because it was not advertise as much. The resort has a restaurant, but when I checked its menu there's not much to order as that of Punta Isla, we decided to just buy some junks to munch as we explore the resort. Here I can say one feels to be one with nature, with many trees around, lush greens and not so commercialize. The rooms where built among the trees or in the trees.
checking the menu
Nice art work
the hanging bridge
Got to pay first.....

The resort is known for its view deck, but before going there one has to pay a P8.00 entrance fee. It is a three level view deck, situated among the pine trees in the highest part of the resort. You get more that what you pay for, 360 degrees of Lake Sebu, the lake on one side and the golden rice fields on the other. Wow serenity and peace is more than enough as you sit and feel the fresh air.
a breathe of fresh air welcome us atop the hill
Famed thing to do in Mountain Log Resort, to climb it....
The view......rice fields and mountains on this side
.......the other side, the lake and mountains
Taking the time off.....and feeling the serenity of the place, gently removes the pain
Staying true to its name.....

It was getting dark when we decided to go down, so instead of walking we ride a “habal-habal” back to the resort.

Back in the resort we asked the resort staff to contact a “habal-habal” for us the next day for easy travel as we explore Lake Sebu. Our good Ate got us one, who agreed to take us to Zipline, Seven Falls and wherever we want to go the next day.
DUSK at Punta Isla Resort
View from our room
the bed
Love it because its yellow.....
my favorite, "Binuntis na Manok"

One cold night
 Started the day early, a light breakfast for me, no heavy tummy for the "laag" we will be doing the whole day.
Coffee and Toasted bread w/ jam & butter 
YUMMY again
 First stop, Zipline, the highest zip i tried to date and the best view ever. Zip lining above the trees and the seven falls of Lake Sebu. The best part of our first stop and one of the most daring thing I've done, trek the seven falls and trusting our life with Manong Driver who willingly become our trek guide.
"habal-habal" ride to 7 falls

Getting ready to zip
WOW Philippines

Enough to take away all the angst in life
Called it "Baby Falls," this is at Falls 2
Falls No. 2

Feeling "TWILIGHT"......as I jump over uprooted trees

Manong Driver behind me, our willing guide