Guimaras: Five-days after our UP Graduation

Seven years ago, days after our college graduation, I explored Guimaras Island with my college buddies, this also serve as our farewell party, a despidida to each of us. As we all each are about to take on a separate journey of our life.
Jenny, Shannah, Jethsemae, Rosalinda and me, decided to explore the other side of the Island of Guimaras.
I can no longer remember the details of the trip, except that we took a van for about an hour, until we reach  Sabang Baybay.
Trivia: “baybay”- is an Ilonggo word for beachfront
Let me share to you our escapade, seven years ago;

Thanks to my ever reliable Canon Camera, can’t remember the model, it still uses film, my first ever camera that I bought from my savings out of my school allowance.