Often, "the family that prays together, stays together," yes I grew up with that, but my parents have made it stronger because of our shared passion......TRAVEL. Our family motto "the family that travels together, stays happy together.
I was three years old the first time I rode an airplane going to Iloilo for my grandmother's wake, and that was also my first experience of traveling. For the next years, its a constant family vacations to Iloilo, my Mama's hometown. I'll always remember those 3 days, 2 nights ship ride to Iloilo, Mama used to make "puso" & cook adobong manok as our baon for the whole duration of our trip. 
I also love going to Zamboanga's barter center, every time the ship docks in Zamboanga City. Yes I have this love affair with Zamboanga, that up to this day I dream of visiting again and to document it this time.
TRAVELING, I say runs in  my blood maybe, I remember Lola Auring's tales of her travels to and fro Dadiangas-Manila in the heyday's of her Daddy Juan Mercado. My Lolo Pedro's ancestors and the story of the "Nolasco's Seven Brothers," who they say hails from Ilocos but choose to travel and live in Cebu, Iloilo, Negros and go as far as Mindanao. In addition to them is my Mama Dora, who bravely move to Mindanao from Iloilo after having her college degree. 
Let me share to you our family trips through the years........the WANDERLUST
Lake Agko, Ilomavis, Kidapawan, North Cotabato

Browie that time is only 1 year & 7 mos.
Kidapawan City
Metropolitan Clubhouse, Iloilo City
Lunch at Sud-an, Gen. Santos City
Sanduguan Shrine, Tagbilaran, Bohol
Dinner at Tops, Cebu City
Davao City
People's Park Davao City
Eden Nature Resort, Davao City

People's Park, night stroll
Big Family in Bagui, Ilocos Norte

Remember Regine Velasquez' DOT Campaign, here we are on our roadtrip to Ilocos Norte

In front of Ilocos Norte Capitol
These are some of our family trips and yes we want to explore the whole of Philippines before we get out of the country........