Davao City's Hiros Place

I was in Davao City to attend the Barangay Governance Seminar, and yes a foodie in me has to find something new. With my sister's suggestions to try "OKINOMIYAKI" and to find that secret food haven, I am off to find it. Together with my highschool friend, and my sister's instruction, we found it.
HIROS PLACE is like a small "turo-turo," but you will be surprised that it offers an authentic Japanese Cuisine. The foodie can't wait to take a bite of okinomiyaki, and yes curious to know what it looks like.
Meet OKINOMIYAKI, its like a vegetable omelet with a special mayonnaise on it, yes its Sumo style serving, I wasn't able to finish mine. The taste, its similar to the uber popular Takoyaki, and the price, so affordable.

Hiros Place is located just behind Ateneo de Davao . To more food finds.