Cebu City: A Gastronomic Experience

Cebu City is known as the Queen City of the South and with my Cebu experience it is also the Queen in Gastronomic Delight.
Been to Cebu for a number of times, it being a jump-off point to many of Central Visayas' destinations. Let me share to you some of my gastronomic experience in Cebu City.

Gerry's Grill for Lunch
Located at Ayala Terraces Cebu, Gerry's Grill offers a variety of good tasting Filipino cuisine with a twist. My favorite is Binagoongan Rice......I can say "Rice palang ulam na." I am not so fond of bagoong but their Binagoongan Rice did change it all.
So evident being foodie runs in the blood
Top's for Dinner
Being a family of foodies, we drive all the way to Tops of Cebu, located in one of the higher points in Cebu, it is a strip full of restaurants and one get to have a 360 degree of Cebu. Perfect combination for a family dinner 

Gellatissimo at Ayala Terreces 
I admit I am an Ice Cream Addict, I can have it even in the middle of the night, whenever, whatever and with whoever, hahaha. Gellatissimo's gelato is one of the best I ever tasted.
Those smiles is enough to say it all....

Ocean Garden for Sissy's Birthday Dinner
It's a surprise for my sister, Me & Mama decided to go to Cebu for the 2nd time. My sister's choice for dinner is Ocean Garden, its indeed a garden of fresh seafoods. And they cook it exactly the way you want it.
Love their seafoods

SuToKil near Mactan Shrine
I got to try it, sutokil - sugba, tola & kinilaw, its a the famed three ways of cooking fish. After exploring Mactan Shrine in Mactan City.

Abuhan Dos for Dinner
Just across Plaza Hotel, its famed for the Sizzling Pochero. My verdict, the best I've ever tasted.

Abuhan Uno for Breakfast
Me & Mama decided to look around outside our hotel for a new good place to have breakfast. And just meters away from Abuhan Dos is Abuhan Uno. The place is quite discreet coz you have to pass by an "eskinita" to get there, it looks like a house, with many indoor plants. Its like having my breakfsat at home.

Mr. A for Dinner
I have an upset stomach that time, but I can't control digging in to the BBQ & Bulalo of Mr. A, simply the best.

How I wish we have this in Mindanao. Love those breads and its unique names, its worth the price.

To more food finds......