Agten Tufi Festival

Born and raised in Tupi, South Cotabato, but sad to say it is the only Foundation Anniversary that I attend. I have my reasons but I better keep it to myself, and this time, I have to attend it.
Tupi is known as the "fruit & flower basket of South Central Mindanao" and I feel so blessed to have live in this little paradise. It has best weather so to speak.
Agten Tufi is a celebration of Tupi's Foundation Anniversay, celebreted every 11th of September. "Tufi" is a B'laan term of betel nut,  B'laan is one of the major indigenous tribe in Tupi. Tupi got its name, its a story passed through generation to generation to every Tupians.
Let me share to you my Lolo Indo's version; During the American times, an American soldier asked a native of the name of the place, the native was then chewing a betel nut, thinking he was asked what he is chewing, the native answered "TUFI". From there "tufi" became TUPI, and now TUPI is a growing agricultural town in the province of South Cotabato. 


Welcome to TUPI
Faces of the 2nd Agten Tufi
The Revelry
A gastronomic feast, courtesy of Tita Ozie

Till my next festival......


  1. My mom is from polonuling (did i spell it right), tupi! yey! but i haven't visited the place for a long time. :) nice post!

  2. Really, daming fruits doon, come and visit tupi when you've got time.:-) Thanks


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