Saturday Farm Day: Kalaw Wildlife Sanctuary’s Pleasant Surprise

It could have been an ordinary weekend going to the Farm with Papa, Mama & Browie to check in the, but a pleasant surprise awaits me when I get there. The 12 hectares Papaya Farm is located about 2 kilometers from Crossing Maltana, Tampakan, where one has to pass through La’Panday‘s Banana Plantation. The area itself is in Sitio Matagol, Kipalbig, Tampakan, but the best route is in Brgy. Maltana Crossing.
Father & Son Tandem

Our little farmer, our stress reliever

As me & Mama took our usual “pag-iikot,” I heard an unusual bird sound, then I asked Papa about it, that’s when the biggest surprise was revealed to me. He just casually told me, “may Kalaw Sanctuary dyan sa likod, sa area ni manong,”…….WOOOOH just behind those Papayas, wow!!!!!
Good thing I decided to bring my baby EOS for this farm trip.
My model....LOL  
Kalaw w/ white beak
w/ the red favorite 
why I'm loving it......its because of the color
 Til my next Discovery & passionate & fashionable.....