Davao City: HEALING the BROKEN

Months ago, I read from wearesolesisters’ blog the reason why people travel, most travel to forget and heal a heart break. I say it’s something I can very well relate to. And so I embark on this first trip to let go or at least take my mind away from the pain and thought of a relationship that ended.

This first trip is with my only sister Che and my cousin Maya, my travel buddies.

Davao City is a 4 hours bus ride from my home in Crossing Rubber, Tupi, South Cotabato. Leave home around 4:00 P.M, after 45 minutes of bus ride we arrived at General Santos City Bus Terminal, 5:00 P.M we left General Santos City Terminal, via Yellow Bus Lines (YBL), one of the three bus company with plying lines within the region. AC bus fare is P254.00, after 3 hrs, we arrived in Davao City.

I and Che had a late dinner at Penongs near Davao City People’s Park. Later check in a dormitory that is open to transient, courtesy of my high school classmate, who stayed in the same dorm. Overnight stay cost P150.00 per person.

9:30 P.M seemed too early to sleep, we decided to start exploring. We went to see David’s by the Sea wall. A replica of David in the middle of the park is erected, by the seawall are night food hawkers selling a variety of Filipino street food. Foodies we are, we had “kwek-kwek” – quail egg dip in a mixture of egg & flour with orange coloring and buko juice. Good combination to be eaten at almost midnight, thanks that we don’t have sensitive tummies. After strolling around the park, we decided to call it a night.
David by the Seawall
Midnight Snacks: "Kwek-kwek" & Buko Juice
Early risers we are, left early to have a breakfast at Dimsum Diner near G-Mall. The diner has Chinese interiors but offers very typical Filipino breakfast; we had Topsilog (tocino, sinangag & itlog). With full tummies, we decided to explore the Chinese area of Davao City on foot.

Decided to check in early, at Davao City’s Unconventional Accommodation, Ponce Suites. Ponce Suites is a destination in itself; first, the owner is one of Davao’s prides, no less the artist Kublai Millan. Second, I often read it in magazine and newspaper, I have all the reason to be here.
Accommodation in this artist’s haven is budget friendly, twin sharing rooms cost only P700.00, good for two. We did a little exploring while we waited for Maya to join us.

Lunch, we decided to went higher literally in Davao City, Dencio’s at the Hilltop. Hearty lunch is; Binagoongan Rice, Mandaragat Soup and Pork Skewer wrapped in Bacon.

Next stop, we tried Davao’s extreme, to date the fastest zip in the Philippines, The Xcelerator, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City. There I was able to shout to my heart’s content. Thanks to the extreme Xcelerator.

Back at Ponce Suites for an afternoon coffee and to rest before deciding to go to Damusa for dinner.
Coffee break takes away my headache but not my heartache, LOL
Yellow Cab Dinner; Charlie Chan, Potato Halves &  Mushroom Calzone
w/ sissy and our SOLA Drinks
We're ready for desserts at Ice Giants

More than 24 hours of getting away from my real world, brings back a little of peace within. And I want this blog, to not just document my journey, but at the same time encourage others to be passionate with travel and fashion. Not that I’ll be wearing designer clothes or whatever, but I want to share the things I am most passionate with. Till the next trip, be passionate & fashionable, without sacrificing comfort in traveling.