Bago City, Negros Occidental: The Awakening of the Wanderlust Within

The summer of 2003 awaken something within me that for years now have tickled my interest. Being a member of a theater group in UP Visayas, TAGUPCI (Theater Arts Guild, UP Visayas), we participated in Teatro Kabataan in Buenos Aires Mountain Resort in Bago City. I came here for my passion in theater, only to come back with a new discovered passion……TRAVEL. Yes, a wanderlust within has awaken…..
Weesam Express, one of the fast crafts going to Bacolod City

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort, Bago City. It is a former residence of the Araneta and also served as a refuge to President Quezon during World War II before leaving for Australia. The vast property is now a resort with swimming pools and picnic areas by the riverbank.

During the workshop, we were asked to choose our advocacy, which will become the storylines of our theater plays. Always, I choose the Youth Advocacy, Negros Occidental is known for the Haciendas and Sakadas, this paint a picture of great disparity, of the rich and the poor living side by side. Our advocacy were brought to one Hacienda in La Carlota City to have an immersion in a Sakada Community, where young children work under the sun, cutting sugarcane the whole day for an P8/day. Right then I realized how blessed I am in life, that someday when I have my own money, I will help others get an education.

From La Carlota City we passed by Guintubdan Nature Park, a park reserve at the foot of Mount Kanlaon. Within the Nature Park is the Rafael Salas Park.

After the Theater Camp, we are back in Bacolod City for a little exploring…..

Soon I’ll be back in Negros Occidental……be passionate & fashionable.